Is bigger always better?

Nowadays we love using a few “sexy” words in business which really freak me out. One of them is “growth”.
It almost looks like we are openly more interested in growing our businesses, increasing our success and wanting more money. Actually it is all ok – we talk about business and in business all these things are needed and natural but.. actually I have two ‘but’s..
Firstly I think it isn’t very nice to talk about our ambitions in front of our clients. Well it may sounds like we are naturally self-confident but it also may make them afraid because they could possibly feel just used in our plan as a cash cow and bring many unspoken questions such as “will they still give me a good service?”.
Secondly where is the focus on sustainability and quality? Wouldn’t it be better to worry more about if we are really great in what we do than if we are great in size?
I believe that there is no tree which can grow to the sky and growth itself comes as a secondary product of sustainably providing quality service. Why this obsession with size and growth?
Let’s be more responsible to clients and employees – I am sure it will make us all happier and less stressed.